Although most people probably call it the D-word hobbyists don’t, because they don’t want to be associated with the D-word. I made one last summer, it takes a couple of days and gradually you get something you like, and what you’re able to control safely.


This is the DJI F450



PMU of the quadcopter



RC controller set-up


You do need some 5 or more amps to charge the batteries, so there is a dedicated charger

And finally, add the gimbal, what is a gimbal? It keeps the camera straight, stable, whatever. And you add of course controls on the transmitter to adjust the gimbal remotely. Add a video transmitter, and you’re done.

Next, wait for a nice day without too much wind (4 m/s is really a lot already, maybe 8 m/s is the limit) go in the field and enjoy, just browse the internet to find out what’s possible, and also, where it is allowed. Here are some of the videos that I made:





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