Environmental data collected this week

Within our house I made a radio network of several sensors, they send their data to a gateway that logs the telemetry in a 4Mbit flash winbond IC. When I dump that log there is a matlab script converting it to plots.



Telemetry logged by the kitty program, it talks via the USB com port to a moteino that is always running, that is, the usb hub is always powered, so it runs 24/7.

This is what the temperatures did in and around the house. All infrared temperatures are in red, and blue temperatures are for the contact temperatures collected by NTCs. In the lower right you can seen how infrared and contact temperatures can differ, the reason is that a clear sky leads results in a few degree temperature drop on the IR sensor because it is looking at a cold stratosphere. Something similar is happening in the kitchen, upper right, there red may drop under blue because a kitchen window is open, the NTC will then see something warmer because it is inside a box.

Temperatures in and around the house

At some nodes I also measure the remote battery voltage, air pressure and light conditions. Battery voltages are not very interesting to watch, all nodes usually run for several weeks up to a half year depending on how the low power consumption of the sensor and the arduino interact. An example of a composist plot is this one:

Composite plot, right column has light condition and pressure

Last but not least, I also collect a groundwater level in the basement, because in Rotterdam you need a pump to keep the groundwater at a low level. I don’t read out the pump actions, but there is a contact point device with several rods and their resistances to ground give an impression of the water table. Reason for having it there is that I want to know whether the pump still works.

Pump actions plot, once every so many hours a pump action is fine, when there is rain it becomes more active, in the summer it typically goes to level 0 for several weeks to months, during the rest of the year you get to see this. You guessed it right that the second rod is not recorded, it is probably a loose wire from the sensor to one of the rods.

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