HF antenna change #hamradio

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.44.29Discovered that my end-fed wire antenna was mounted with the coil on the wrong side. I changed that last night, the coil is now 1.85 meter away from the mast, and there is 10.1 meter between the coil and the unun. This should improve the performance on 20 and 40m. Attached is the antenna pattern I got on 20 and 40m with WSPR last night. Judging the coverage I think it is somewhat of an improvement compared to what I had.

Last update: 16-june-2016

2 thoughts on “HF antenna change #hamradio

  1. Dit was 5W, oftewel 10*log10(5/1e-3) = 37dBm, ik vind het nog altijd een onwezenlijk idee dat je met een vermogen wat nog niet comfortabel is om een boek te lezen de hele wereld kunt bereiken.

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