Propagation map 12-jul-2016

This is what WSPR found over the last 24 hours.


Yesterday evening I worked with KE1Y on 7147 kHz 23:51 UTC, PJ4DX on 14213 kHz 22:55 UTC, F5BZB 7180 kHz 6:06 UTC and F8NAN 7149 kHz 5:49 UTC. On 40m I had more luck than on 20m. Had some e-mail exchange with R0AU about WSPR details. I asked Vadim whether he had the possibility to determine a direction of my 200 mW WSPR signal at 14097.125 kHz. He has a moxon antenna pointing to the west, so he was not receiving the signal via a long path. Later I received some nice quadcopter footage from the Krasnoyarsk sea:

Looks like a nice area with lakes, forests and fields, there is certainly space enough for HF antenna’s there. Looking for a websdr in the Krasnoyarsk area, they got it.

Last update: 10:30 AM


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