Quadcopter summer 2016

Before Aug I had no chance to fly the DJI F450, the first two weeks of august were not ok for flying, so I started in the middle of August.

18-aug-2016: Checked the batteries, compass and IMU calibrated, and it runs again.

On 24-aug and 25-aug I had two more flights, one on the beach and one on the moor. The “Maasvlakte video” dates from 24-aug.

The flight on 25-aug-2016 “Loon op Zand” had two hard landings because of battery capacity problems, either the low voltage level is too high, either I should charge the batteries differently, namely not at 1C but at a 1/2 or less at done prior to 25-aug-2016.

31-aug-2016: “Sunset at Oostvoorne” all went fine on this evening, except for taking off in the last run where I accidentally put it in manual mode, drone drifts in ATT mode at take-off while it is too close, you want to flip to GPS mode, but you execute MANUAL mode and then it is too late. This quadcopter is really sensitive in MANUAL mode.

11-sep-2016 “A few hours on the beach”: Fixed the gimbal (the Feiyu is easy to repair), one cable was disconnected during the last crash, replace a propellor, wait for a wind free day and off we go (10-sep had too much wind, so I took the kite up).

14-Sep-2016: “Beach Oostvoorne” went further south in the hope the beach was empty on a Wednesday afternoon, it pretty much was. Flew over the dunes and returned over the shorelines. Wind up to 4 m/s from the south, temperature 32C.

Trust me, I’m an engineer was the previous title of this blog



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