Frame for FT-991


A frame constructed from 10 mm Makerbeam material and 15 mm aluminium L-strip , purpose is to protect the FT-991 in case you carry it around for fieldwork. The handles of the transceiver are mounted with M4 bolts, the L-strip is something you have to make yourself, the depth of the frame (it has to fit on my desk) required to cut an oversized Makerbeam element into something shorter.

Here you see the frame in action during a field-day. 

Last update : 25-Mar-2017

Lowrider WSPR

WSPR on 474 kHz
WSPR on 136 kHz

WSPR on LF and MF at respectively 136 kHz and 474 kHz. I listened with my loop antenna and was able to pick up a few stations, MF (11 stations seen) was easier than LF (4 stations seen). On LF there are two strong digital signals near the narrow band that we are interested in. One problem to solve is the frequency stability of the SDR. The airspy LO is somewhat temperature compensated, but it tends to drift. but there is a possibility to connect it to a frequency reference. I’m not sure how amateurs make an transmit antenna for these frequencies, that could be a challenge.

Lowriders are also cars.