Cable winders and accessories

Cable winders: I make them from 5mm plywood. 30 cm tall, 10 cm width, inner gap 16 cm by 6 cm, both top ends 3 cm by 6 cm. Drill two holes to fix the cable ends if needed. Good for 40m of thin wire, it avoids a mess of entangled wires in the field or in the shack.

Cable winders made from plywood

Guy-wires and accessories: The local hardware store provided: nylon cord, nylon thread, thick needles, metal rings, snaphooks and cable-eyes. You easily convert them into what you need to guy a glas-fiber mast in the field.


And now we wait for better weather, below 15 degree with rain is no fun to be in the field.

Last update: 19-Feb-2017

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