The politics of ham

Can you say something about politics or religion as a ham over on the air? We had a change in the regulations, prior to 2008 it was certainly not appreciated, but since that time the official policy is that AT (our regulatory office) does not care about what you say, as long as it concerns matters of non-commercial interest that play on both part of the QSO. They do ask you to take care that your remarks don’t irritate anyone. Someone in a QSO mentioned nevertheless something about politics on the Rotterdam city repeater a while ago, and later at the club a member reminded me that this is not really appreciated. Legally it may be a different story, but a repeater manager can still say that certain topics are not appreciated on the repeater. It is his problem to enforce the house rules. So this is how much I know about the issue, now, can we as hams go political or religious on the repeater. The best answer is probably mostly no, and maybe a bit of yes. Do I want to say something about Rotterdam last Saturday night? Not as a ham over the air, no, please no, read the news and form your own opinion. I couldn’t see any traces of what happened on my Sunday morning hike, perhaps a broken window or a few rocks on the street and janitors cleaning up the mess. Read several newspapers today, the opinions vary between no foreign political assemblies in the Netherlands to, of course, this is democracy, the mayor should have allowed the assembly to happen. By the way, Wednesday there are elections, undoubtedly someone will benefit from the situation.


2 thoughts on “The politics of ham

  1. A repeater is a public space (as opposed to a private space), so there cannot be any “houserules” other than Dutch law. If a repeater’s so called “houserule” contradicts Dutch law (i.e.Dutch constitutional law) it is nullified.

    If all say the Earth is flat, that doesn’t make it flat. If all say a repeater(manager) has (to uphold the) houserules, that doesn’t make it so. If you follow the herd, it is unlikely you get any further than the herd.

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