Dodecahedron with resistors


The topology is shown in the image, there are 12 faces, 20 nodes and 30 edges. I started with node 1 as the pole, and compute the resistance at all other nodes with 1000 Ω resistors along the edges. The same MATLAB program found 5 possible solutions:

  • Category 1: drain at nodes 2,3 and 4:  633 1/3 Ω
  • Category 2: drain at nodes 5,6,7,8,9 and 10: 900 Ω
  • Category 3: drain at nodes 11,13,14,17,19:  1066 2/3 Ω
  • Category 4: drain at nodes 12,15,18:  1133 1/3 Ω
  • Category 5: drain at node 20: 1166 2/3 Ω

I guess the code is sufficiently debugged now, the answer agree with what I found on the internet.

Last update: 28-1-2018 15:09


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