Home made 23 cm antenna

The easiest design there is and it is resonant around 1300 MHz.

23 cm scannner

My guest miniVNA Tiny shows this:

23cm reflection

As I typed this the PI6RTD repeater announced that it exists, ok, I’m convinced that it works, fine business, but where is everybody?

Last update: 21-Jul-2018

2 meter Moxon

After the most recent fox hunt I thought that a smaller antenna would be helpful, so I went for the moxon for 2 meter, material used: 32 mm PVC tube etc, coax cable, glue, tie wraps, 4 mm brass bar, propane burner (you can’t bend brass when it is cold). I used one of the moxon calculators, long end: 740,7 mm, sort end: 274,9 mm, short end top: 98,3 mm, short end bottom: 142,3 mm, spacer 34,3 mm.


The measured SWR is 1,4 centered at 145 MHz.

Last update: 7-July-2018