Antenna situation at JO20vx

Since 8-May-2020 I’m quite more often QRV from JO20vx, the city of Geleen in The Netherlands because of home care duties. One advantage of this location is that there is a 30m long garden that is about 7 meters wide, so there are plenty of opportunities to play with different antennas in a low noise environment. I can carry two sets of fiberglass mast elements with me while going here, and whatever fits in the car.

Setup 1: a mast in the center of the garden and a 20 and 40 m band antenna, getting everything 10 meter off the ground is a challenge

Setup 2: a smaller pole in the garden, few meters closer to the house, it is doable but the antennas at too low, will try it in the future with a delta loop.

The idea is nice, but this secondary mast/pole is too low, the other mast elements are but to get above a tree right behind me.

Setup 3: tall pole at the end of the garden, and a g5rv to one of the chimneys on the house, benefit is that it somehow works


This is the better way to do it, a tall mast at the end where a metal gate is used as a support, and a G5RV to the roof
From the second floor looking down on the garden

Typical setup, ft857d, travel tuner, 3 way coax switch so you can switch between the SDR, the radio and an antenna analyzer. The SDRplay rspduo is for band monitoring.

Modifications: get ethernet cable upstairs and free this plank to work on.

Last update 18-May-2020

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