How many fit on 30 by 30 meter?

During times of a lockdown I mentioned this on the PI3RTD repeater, we do radio rounds every day and my question was, “how many persons would fit on an imaginary field of 30m by 30m while we should observe the social distancing rule of 1.5 meter?” My initial guess was 508 because it is close to 30*30/(pi*r*r) where r=75cm, the answers that I received varied between 440 and 583; but in reality there are two answers:

  • 462 if you don’t allow people to stand on the edges of a field
  • 492 if you allow them also on the edges and corners.

Check this yourself, or even better, send me a photo where you’ve practiced this with your local club:

This is 492 persons on a field of 30 by 30m while observing 1.5 meter distance.

Last update: 27-May-2020


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