A little bit of everything

Top panel: cloud detector output (red en green) and outdoor temperature above a window (blue), middle panel: airpressure, bottom panel: light curve.


There is a little bit of everything in the upper plot obtained from the clouddetector. Up to 50 hours ago we had the November December grey, around -45 to -38 there were some openings in the cloud deck, and soon it closed again until -25 hours when occasionally there were cloud bands until -10 hours. Then we had blue skies until 8 o’çlock this morning when the rains started.

This is a nice website to consider, it shows the results of radiosonde measurements at the KNMI in de Bilt.

Update: 15:00 on 7-dec-2014.

30 Amusing Dutch Words

Fantastische verhaal over eigenlijk rare maar dagelijkse woorden in het Nederlands


Learning a new language can be hard, frustrating even… but it can also be fun. You just have to know where to look.

Luckily for me, you don’t have to look too far to find funny sounding words and phrases in Dutch. Here are some I’ve learnt so far…

1. Apetrots 

My first Dutch WTF moment was watching a film with subtitles when the screen flashed up “Ik ben apetrots op je” literally meaning “I am monkey proud on you.” (The correct translation in English is “I’m really proud of you”.) A brilliant Dutchism… and it’s now one of my favourite Dutch sayings 😀

2. Boterham

Boterham, courtesy of Laura Frame Illustration Boterham, courtesy of Laura Frame Illustration

Literally translated as “butter ham” – it actually means sandwich!

3. Eekhoorntjesbrood

While we’re on the food theme… let’s go with the word for Porcini mushrooms, which literally translates as “little squirrels’ bread”.

4. Eekhoorn

Sounds like…

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November grey continues

I’m still learning how to interpret the cloud indicator output. When the cloud indicator (the middle graph) sticks around -2, and when there are no excursions to -5 there is either rain, haze or fog in the air. Since yesterday this is the case, this type of weather is typical for November when there is hardly any variation in the day night temperature (the upper graph).


I’m still working on the sleep mode problem of the 90614 IC, it simply doesn’t work so that the circuit continuously 1,5 to 2 milliamp.

Uploaded: 9:13 on 19-nov-2014

Very clear sky

At 8:45 on 13-nov-2014 we have a very clear sky.
At 8:45 on 13-nov-2014 we have a very clear sky. The temperature difference measured by the cloud detector in the middle graph now goes to -5.5 degree.
The infrared image from sat24.com confirms that we have a clean cloud deck, but an Atlantic depression is on its way
The infrared image from sat24.com confirms that we have a clean cloud deck, but an Atlantic depression is on its way

Nice November weather


Temperatures last week ending at 9-nov-2014, and below that the light curve at the bottom. We are still running on the same 4 AAA NiMH penlites that were charged at the beginning of September, no signs of a significant voltage drop. The duty cycle is low, and the current use in sleep mode is very low.

Windy days result in wiggly temperature graphs, quiet days result in smooth graphs. Foggy or cloudy days give wiggly light curves and clear days give me almost square blocks in the light curve. As you can see, our days are slowly getting shorter.

Altogether this is nice November weather for the Netherlands.